About Us

At this age of Data and increasing rate of security bridging, organizations running software solutions find it difficult to secure their platform, collect necessary data for analysis and at the same time ensure data transparency.

Our solutions adapts a strategy to handle both without downside.

Insolify Big Data

Our answers

Why are we doing this?

Technology is a rapidly growing sector in Africa transforming businesses on a daily basis, thus making the need for software solutions crucial. However these businesses find it difficult to work with most solutions because the solutions are not designed with Africa in mind therefore lacking a lot of localization features which in turn makes them hard to work with. We saw the growing need which made us strategize our approaches to harness that. This is to ensure users of our software overcome localization difficulties without any glitches.

Simplicity? Yes without Compromise

Being a reputable solutions provider, we focus on making our solutions easy to work with, also always working to add support for more third-party services integration, easing the burden on our users and enabling them have central control.

Reliability at no additional cost

To ensure your platform runs 24/7/365, our intelligent reporting system captures detailed information about your service performance, security and all that you need to know in real time. This feature enables real time monitoring and troubleshooting.

Insolify in a minute

What we do

1. Software Solutions

Insolify is primarily software solutions provider featuring collections of carefully designed cross platform cutting edge suites of software solutions for small businesses to enterprises across the world.
Our softwares span from Healthcare, Education, Finance to Communication.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Petabyte+ database infrastructure, Data collection, sanitization, model training, algorithm development and more.

3. Cyber Security

Disaster and recovery management, Firewall, Data Lake, Fraud detection and prevention.

4. Consultation

Technical and Entrepreneural Consultation.

5. Partnership

We work with organizations, small businesses and Governments to deliver cutting edge solutions and platforms for their internal needs.

Our timeline


Developed Professional Email and other suites.


Changed name, primary place of operation and deployed Skulera.


Partnership with Tech firms.


A freelance Enterprise building websites for businesses.

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